About Alert Technologies

Alert Technologies Corporation was formed to develop, offer, and support powerful emergency management software that is easy to use. Founded in December 1996 the same core business focus remains today. Based in Pleasanton, California the company draws upon the best technical and development talent in the world from the Silicon Valley. 

The founders of the company insisted upon a flexible system that allows emergency managers to use software that reflects their response model-rather than adapting their processes to the software. This highly configurable system, OpsCenter, is easy to use providing a flexible platform for use in many different environments. Due to a continued study of emergency management processes and emerging technology, Alert continues to provide a comprehensive solution built upon leading edge technologies. 

Alert believes in providing service to their customers that is "second to none". Our history reflects delivery of software releases and services commensurate with that commitment. 

We stand ready and committed to assist our customers to attain exemplary Emergency Management.