Incident Command System (ICS)

Use OpsCenter for your ICS software. The system supports Operational Periods and 25 automatically populated ICS forms.

Note: The ICS Module is included in OpsCenter at no additional cost.

220 Form Using OpsCenter ICS Software

220 Form Using OpsCenter ICS Software

Forms using OpsCenter ICS Software

OpsCenter Is ICS Software

OpsCenter automatically generates ICS Forms for organizations that use this response model. The ICS forms are populated based on the information in the system. These forms are in typical ICS format and when printed look just like the paper-based forms. This functionality saves many hours previously spent consolidating information and typing into paper-based ICS Forms.

This feature is particularly useful for those organizations that must submit actual ICS forms to another organization or agency. It allows you to focus on managing the emergency and use the power of OpsCenter to generate required reports in the proper format.

One of the images above shows an example of an ICS Form 220 - Air Operations Summary generated directly from OpsCenter with a single mouse click.

Operational Periods in the ICS Model

OpsCenter supports emergency management models that use Operational Periods, such as ICS. For each incident, an authorized user may create any number of Operational Periods, of any duration, that is necessary to manage the incident. For each Operational Period, the system automatically generates a set of ICS forms.

When creating an Operational Period, the user has the option to specify that data should be copied from an existing Operational Period. This option is appropriate when the next Operational Period will be similar to the previous Operational Period. Copying data from an existing period avoids a large amount of typing thereby saving the users time and allowing them to focus on other aspects of the incident.

OpsCenter ICS Software also provides the ability to create Operational Period templates for various types of incidents; a very powerful feature that allows an organization to start executing a complete response plan with just a few mouse clicks.

ICS Forms

OpsCenter can generate 25 fully populated ICS forms based on the information in the system. These forms are in typical ICS format. When printed they look just like the paper-based ICS forms.

The other image above lists the ICS forms that OpsCenter supports.