OpsCenter improves the efficiency of your Organization.

OpsCenter Effeciency

Efficiency in Use

The ability to restrict the view of activities to just those that are relevant to a role being performed is a great benefit to the infrequent user. The use of context-sensitive help, hover help, and clear on-screen instructions are always there to assist the user. On the other hand, the product permits "power users" to see and manipulate anything and everything in the system if they have been given permission.

Efficiency in Training

The nature of emergencies is such that you cannot know when the next emergency will happen and who exactly will be needed. This makes it very difficult to make sure all users are train on OpsCenter when the next emergency hits. Accordingly, every aspect of OpsCenter has been designed with the idea in mind that a user may have as little as a few minutes to learn how to use it.

Efficiency in Cost

Costs of resources are clearly presented and totaled to help in making decisions about which resources to commit. After the fact, our automatic journaling of all actions taken during a response permits an accurate assessment of how well it was handled. For governmental agencies, this journaling will greatly assist in the recouping of costs from relevant sources.