Emergency Management

Alert Technologies provides configurations of the OpsCenter Emergency Management software to meet the specific needs of the public sector. These proven configurations reflect the lessons learned from two decades of public sector organizations using OpsCenter. OpsCenter provides a complete solution that allows public sector emergency management organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents that threaten lives and property.

Emergency Management Software


A methodology is a system of processes used in a particular area of study or activity. There are several proven methodologies for Emergency Management software. Some examples include the Incident Command System (ICS), Emergency Support Functions (ESF), and the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) in California. Outside of organizations that only manage emergencies other methodologies, like the military model, exist.

OpsCenter is extensively configurable. This allows the system to reflect different methodologies. Organizations that use OpsCenter do not have to change their processes. Rather, OpsCenter changes to reflect how the organization manages emergencies.

Alert Technologies provides a default configuration for most methodologies. A default configuration gives a big head start for an organization that is adopting OpsCenter. The organization can then refine the default configuration to reflect their unique processes.

OpsCenter's configurations also helps standardization. Many organizations that adopt OpsCenter use a model that has been established by their peers. This allows organizations that have to work together during an emergency to use a common model.

Timely Information

In the emergency management community decisions must be made quickly. These decisions often have a direct impact on saving lives and property. In order to make such critical decisions emergency managers need up-to-date information. Using out-of-date information can have dire consequences. Because of this, emergency managers strive for capturing and maintaining information that is timely and accurate.

Information entered into the OpsCenter Emergency Management software is immediately available in multiple formats to all users for decision-making. Users can view status boards that are automatically updated to reflect the current status. Users can also create highly filtered reports that combine different types of information to provide answers to specific questions.

The combination of OpsCenter status boards and reports means that all users have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. Making decisions during an emergency that may affect life or property is never easy, but at least with OpsCenter you're assured that decision-makers are seeing updated information as quickly as it is being captured.