Status Boards

Status Board are one of the most important features of OpsCenter. An OpsCenter Status Board shows real-time information on a particular subject. Examples include Incidents, Requests, Actions, Facilities, IT Systems, etc.

Example OpsCenter Status Board

OpsCenter Status Board Example

OpsCenter Status Boards with Detailed form
OpsCenter Damages Status Board
OpsCenter Incident Status Board with Search

Status Boards

There are currently fifty-eight Status Boards in OpsCenter. There are Status Boards that reflect real-time information on Incidents, Requests, Actions, Contacts, Facilities, and a long list of others.  Most of our customers use less than half of the Status Boards in OpsCenter. They only use the Status Boards necessary for their type of operation. 

OpsCenter's Status Board allow uses to quickly understand what is going on, which provides better situational awareness.

The functionality of a status board is standard throughout OpsCenter regardless of the topic. For example, the status board for Resources functions the same as the status board for Incidents. Standardization throughout the system minimizes training and promotes ease of use.

Clicking an entry on an OpsCenter Status Board opens a form with all the details for that entry. Changes made on the form are immediately available throughout the system.

An OpsCenter Status Board can be configured by an authorized, non-technical user who can:

  • Change which fields are visible on the Status Board
  • Change the order of the columns on Status Board
  • Change names of the columns on the Status Boards

Each Status Board updates automatically. This keeps your users up to date.

Each Status Board can be sorted, filtered, and exported to Microsoft Excel.