Ease of Use

OpsCenter is specifically designed to be as easy to use as possible for infrequent users. This is critical due to the dynamic nature of emergency management. Alert has spent many years and millions of dollars to maximize the usability of the system.

Example of an OpsCenter Start Page

Example of an OpsCenter Start Page

OpsCenter Ease of Use

OpsCenter has gone through almost a dozen iterations that have refined its ease of use. This effort has paid off for the organizations that are using the system. Many of the existing customers do not provide end-user training for their users because they feel the system is sufficiently easy to use that they do not require training.

The configuration of the system has tremendous impact on the ease of use of the system. The services provided by Alert Technologies will complete the initial configuration and ensure it is extremely easy to use. The services will also orient the customer's staff the most effective approaches to configuring and using the system to maximize ease of use.