Alert Technologies Corporation

Alert Technologies Corporation is a software company located in the Silicon Valley that solves information management challenges for emergency management organizations. Founded in 1996, Alert develops and markets the OpsCenter Emergency Management software suite.

Examples of fields using OpsCenter

OpsCenter Features

  • Status Boards

    Real-time Information on a particular aspect of the emergency response. Examples include Incidents, Requests, Actions, Facilities, IT Systems, etc.

    Example OpsCenter Status Board
  • Reports

    OpsCenter includes dozens of reports to help manage emergencies. Examples include Available Resources, Damage Assessment, Impacted IT Systems, ICS 201, and so forth.

    Damages Detailed Report
  • Checklists

    Robust checklist functionality. Used to manage the execution of predefined processes. Configurable to reflect your organization's processes.

    Example OpsCenter Checklist
  • Staff Management

    OpsCenter's Staff Management functionality provides contact information and visibility to the response staff regardless of location. Essential for Virtual EOC implementations.

    OpsCenter screen shown right after Logon
  • Notification

    OpsCenter notification functionality automatically inform staff members and stakeholders when an emergency occurs and of key events as it unfolds. It is extensively configurable.

    OpsCenter screen that allows a user to set their own Notifications
  • Sharing Information

    OpsCenter is designed from the ground up to share information securely. This includes sharing within your own organization and sharing to external organizations. This capability provides information dissemination during emergencies and reduces the workload on your staff.

    OpsCenter Connections Screen from Publishing System
  • Journaling

    OpsCenter provides a Journal that is automatically populated with information on activities by User, Section, Incident and other aspects.

    OpsCenter's Journal Status Board filtered by Incident

OpsCenter Modules

  • Resource Management

    OpsCenter includes Resource Management functionality that supports both the National Incident Management System (NIMS) model and the military model for managing resources. 

    OpsCenter Resource Status Board and Form
  • Damage Assessment

    Ability to capture, manage and instantly report on Damage and Impacts. Follows FEMA's reporting guidelines.

    Damage Summary Report in OpsCenter
  • Incident Command System (ICS)

    Use OpsCenter to manage your response with ICS. Supports Operational Periods and 25 automatically populated ICS forms.

    220 Form Using OpsCenter ICS Software
  • Disaster Recovery

    OpsCenter provides functionality that allows an organization to track the status and manage the recovery of their computing systems. 

    OpsCenter's Application Status Board

Services We Provide

  • Alert Technologies provides a wide variety of training for OpsCenter customers. 

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  • OpsCenter provides your organization the capability to easily define and reflect your terminology, methodology, processes, and checklists.

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  • Alert Technologies consultants can migrate data from a customer's legacy emergency management system into OpsCenter.

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  • Alert Technologies offers several maintenance programs to allow OpsCenter customers to keep their systems up to date.

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