Return on Investment

OpsCenter provides access to current, real-time information, allowing for faster and more efficient incident response. Even a modest reduction in the length of a service outage can significantly reduce costs for governments. Quicker recovery may also reduce lost revenues for companies affected by the incident, and thereby minimize lost taxes.

OpsCenter Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Managing an emergency is complex. OpsCenter consolidates a diverse set of information regarding emergency response that typically were maintained on whiteboards.

Using whiteboards for incident management often increased the complexity of emergency response due to the difficulty of information sharing and updating. It is very people intensive, and a costly way of managing an emergency response.

Cost Reimbursement

OpsCenter captures the cost of resources it is tracking. OpsCenter generates reports displaying resources allocated to response activities and the costs of the resources. The allocation shows both the owning organization of the resource and the using organization.

Since the resources are allocated to actions that are taking place in response to specific incidents, the system can calculate resource costs associated with each incident and make it available via reports. With accurate supporting data, you improve the likelihood of full reimbursement.

The system also provides a Procurement Status board, form, and report that is used to track ad-hoc procurement activities. This may be used in conjunction with, or instead of, the concurrent cost tracking for resources.

The financial information can be logged in the same way that the other information can be logged, to include having it generated automatically. Therefore, additions, modifications, or deletions from the Procurements Status board or other financial related information is captured.

Using the system's role permissions, you determine who can create or approve purchase requests. The system allows creating a purchase order from information entered in the Procurement Status board.

Reduced Staffing Requirement

OpsCenter's Emergency Operation Center Software (EOC Software) lessens the number of staff members required to manage and control your EOC operations.

In addition to the above, OpsCenter provides a positive perception that extends beyond the EOC. The capability to manage and disseminate up-to-date information projects an image of a well-managed response with the potential to:

  • Reduce or eliminate bad press
  • Increase constituent satisfaction
  • Reduce lost tax base
  • Reduce litigation

From a life cycle cost perspective, OpsCenter delivers a total cost of ownership advantage compared to other solutions. A few key aspects are:

  • Ease of configuring by a non-technical person reduces reliance on and costs of vendor services
  • Ease of implementation
  • Ease of maintenance

OpsCenter Return on Investment one pager (PDF)