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OpsCenter Report Generator


Alert Technologies Corporation has released a new update to the OpsCenter Emergency Management Software. This update provides a Report Generator that addresses two critical challenges that exist today when managing emergencies. Specifically:

Highly Flexible Reporting – Each emergency management organization has its own unique reporting requirements. Emergency Management software needs to be able to generate a wide variety of reports to meet these differing needs. OpsCenter’s new Report Generator can generate reports based on any information in the system.
Configuration, not Customization – The Report Generator uses a Report Description to generate a report. This Report Description can be changed by an authorized, technical user to reflect the organization’s needs. These changes are configuration, not customization, and they will survive future OpsCenter updates without rework. This is essential to keeping down the long-term costs of the system.

Alert Technologies will move all standard OpsCenter reports into the new Report Generator over the next few releases. This will allow an organization to configure the standard OpsCenter Reports as well as any new reports they create.

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